How To Move User Apps To System Apps

Do you ever think that why some of the apps are already installed in our device memory? What are they called ?Whenever we purchase smart phones their are some apps which are preinstalled .These apps are known as system apps. As they are stored in our ROM and they can’t be uninstalled. There are others too which we download from play store , other app store,sites etc. These are known as user apps .They can be easily installed and uninstalled by a single click. But you will surely think that why I am telling you all this? This is because today my article is about how you can move user apps to system apps. Whenever we backup our device we face problem that all are our user apps get deleted. But we can convert our user apps to system apps so that when we reboot our device these apps are not deleted. As after converting them they will not get deleted. Their are other reasons too for which we need to convert the user apps to system apps.

There are various methods available for converting user apps to system apps on different sites.In this article I will be explaining two methods through which you can easily convert them . According to me you can follow any one of them which you like.I will not be mentioning the ES file explorer method as think it is little complicated and lengthy.This is my personal opinion but if you like this one you can surely follow it .


For its installation you will need to have root access i.e your device must be rooted before converting user apps to system apps.If already rooted then just ignore this requirement . You can also watch a tutorial for rooting your device. If you want I can also mention the link for this,just comment about it if you need this.It the most important requirement to convert user apps to system apps.

Another requirement is that you should have a internet connection to covert user apps to system apps.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should already backup all your apps, music and other important stuff.


Lucky patcher is a app that has many features like it can hack many android games ,block boring adds ,buy in app purchases for free . This app which requires root access also has a hidden feature of converting user apps to system apps. This app can also work without root access but for converting user app to system app you will surely need to root your device. This app is not available on play store so you can download it from the link mentioned in this article..For converting user apps to system apps you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Download lucky patcher


  1. Firstly you need to download lucky patcher apk from the link mentioned.
  2. Before installation do not forget to enable unknown sources from privacy settings.After downloading install the lucky patcher app and open it .
  3. After opening you will see all the user apps (installed apps ) of your device .
  4. Now click on the app which you want to move to system apps.
  5. Click on” tools “.
  6. Locate the option” Move to /system/apps”and click on it .
  7. Wait for few seconds , and you will see that the app is moved to system apps.

This was an easy method through which you can easily convert user app to system apps.


This app will also help you to move user apps to system app . This app is easily available on play store with more than 24 MILLIONS users.Therefore, you can download it from play store . This method is also is very easy like the above one.

  1. Firstly download this app from google play store and install it.Before installation make sure that your device is already rooted.
  2. For next step you need to open it .
  3. Now search for backup and restore and for the app you need to convert to system app.
  4. Click on the desired app and various option will appear just click on the ‘convert to system apps’.

Now you have successfully converted the desired app to system app . You can also try it for other apps.


In the above article I have mentioned two procedures through which you can easily convert user apps to system apps.You can follow any of the above mentioned procedures. If you find any other good method to move user apps to system apps you can suggest in the comments section or if you have any other suggestion for improvement regarding the article you can mention it too.I would love to hear it from you.I hope you like this article.


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